9th Date Sheet

Lahore Board 9th Class Date Sheet 2024

Updated July 2024
The Lahore Board has released the 9th Class Datesheet 2024 examinations. Students can now view the datesheet and plan their preparation accordingly. It's crucial to organize study schedules and prioritize exam readiness.

  • The Lahore Board has officially released the 9th Class Date Sheet for 2024 in February.
  • The board will release the result for the 9th Class after 3 months long checking and evaluation process.
  • The students must check the matric part 1 date sheet 2024 before the annual exam.

9th Class Date Sheet 2024 Lahore Board

Part-Ⅰ (9th Class) Morning paper will start at 8:30 AM Evening paper will start at 1:30 PM
Exam Date Day Subjects Subjects
19-03-2024 Tuesday 1-Economics 1-History of Pakistan
2-Dress Making and Fashion Designing
(1:30 To 3:00)
3-Art and Model Drawing
(1:30 To 3:00)
20-03-2024 Wednesday English Compulsory (First Group) English Compulsory (Second Group)
21-03-2024 Thursday 1-Arabic
2-Comercial Geography
3-Food and Nutrition
(8:30 To 10:30)
Health and Physical Geography
(1:30 To 3:30)
22-03-2024 Friday 1-Biology (First group)
(8:30 To 10:00)
2-Computer science (First Group)
(8:30 To 10:30)
1-Biology (Second Group)
(2:30 To 4:30)
2-Computer Science (Second group)
(2:30 To 4:30)
25-03-2024 Monday Chemistry (First Group)
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
2-General Science (First Group)
Chemistry (Second Group)
(1:30 P.M To 3:30 PM)
2-General Science (Second Group)
26-03-2024 Tuesday 1-Education (First Group)
2-A-Quran (Dars-e-Nizami)
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
1-Education (Second Group)
2-Environmental Studies
3-physiology and Hygiens
4-History (Islamic & Muslim)
27-03-2024 Wednesday Physics (First Group)
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
Advance Islamic Studies (Elective) First Group
Al-Fiqa (Dars-e-Nizami)
Physics (Second Group)
(2:30 P.M To 4:30 P.M)
Advance Islamic Studies (Elective) Second Group
(2:30 P.M To 5:00 P.M)
28-03-2024 Thursday Tarjam-Tul-Quran-ul-Majeed (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
Tarjam-Tul-Quran-ul-Majeed (Compulsary) Second Group
(1:30 P.M To 3:00 P.M)
29-03-2024 Friday 1-Persian
2-Wood Working
(8:30 To 10:00)
3-Computer Hardware
(8:30 To 10:00)
4-Business Study
5-Poultry Farming
(8:30 To 10:00)
(2:30 P.M To 5:00 P.M)
2-Clothing and Textiles
(2:30 To 4:30)
30-03-2024 Saturday Islamiyat (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 To 10:00 P.M)
2-Seerat-ul-Rasool (Dars-e-Nizami Group)
Islamiyat (Compulsary) Second Group
(1:30 To 3:00 P.M)
1-04-2024 Monday 1-Genaral Mathematics (Arts Group) First Group
2-Mathematics (First Group)
1-Genaral Mathematics (Arts Group) Second Group
2-Mathematics (First Group)
2-04-2024 Tuesday Punjabi First Group 1-Punjabi Second Group
2-English (Literature)
3-Urdu (Literature)
3-04-2024 Wednesday Urdu (Compulsary) First Group
Urdu (Compulsary) First Group (Dars-e-Nizami Group)
Urdu (Compulsary)(Compulsary) Second Group
Geography of Pakistan (Compulsary) (2:30 P.M To 4:30 P.M)
4-04-2024 Thursday 1-Element of Home economics (First Group)
2-Geometrical and Technical Drawing
3-Repair and maintain of of Domestic Ref. Air Cond. and cooler
(8:30 To 10:00)
1-Element of Home economics (Second Group)
2-Electrical Wiring
(1:30 To 3:00)
3-Military Science
4-Fish Farming
(1:30 To 3:30)
5-04-2024 Friday 1-Pakistan Studies (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 To 10:30)
1-Pakistan Studies (Compulsary) Second Group
(2:30 To 4:30)

Revised BISE Lahore Board 9th Class Date Sheet 2024

Announced on: 18 January 2024

Exam Starts From: 19,March 2024

This year 2024, 9th Class Date Sheet 2024 has been announced in the month of February by the board of intermediate and secondary education. Generally, 9th Class Date Sheet one to 10 to 15 days before the Annual Examination. Therefore, the exams are started. So, Concentrate on your studies and prepared your self for the Annual Examination.

9th Class Date Sheet of Lahore Board

Every year, the 9th Class Examination is held in the morning and evening sessions, all the candidates of Lahore registered by Lahore Middle and Secondary Board. The Board also decides the Examinations center, time, and date of exams. The 9th Class is really important for all students, as this is the building block of their career, so the student becomes very aware of their exams. There are many organizations working to spread awareness about the benefits of education and improve literacy in Pakistan. Every year, Millions of students registered with Lahore Middle and Secondary Board and appear in the examination.

How Lahore Board Facilitates to Students in 9th Class Exams

The Lahore Board is known as the well-established Board. There are many Boards working under the administration of the Lahore Board like Faisalabad, Sargodha, Gujranwala, and many more. The main object of the Lahore Board is to provide useful and quality education. We have uploaded the Date Sheet of 9th Class 2024 after announcing by Lahore Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 When will the Lahore Board release the 9th class date sheet?
Ans: The Lahore Board typically releases the date sheet for the 9th class exams in January 2024.

Q:2 How can I access the Lahore Board's official website to check the date sheet?
Ans: You can visit the official Lahore Board website and navigate to the "Examinations" or "Downloads" section for the latest date sheet.

Q:3 Are there any changes in the exam schedule for the 9th class this year?
Ans: Any updates or changes to the exam schedule has been communicated through official channels, so regularly check the board's website and official announcements.

Q:4 What subjects are included in the 9th class date sheet for Lahore Board?
Ans: The date sheet will specify the schedule for all subjects included in the 9th class curriculum, covering both compulsory and elective subjects.

Q:5 Can I download a printable version of the 9th class date sheet from the Lahore Board's website?
Ans: Yes, the Lahore Board usually provides a downloadable and printable version of the date sheet on its official website.

Q:6 Is there any provision for re-scheduling of exams mentioned in the date sheet?
Ans: The Lahore Board will provide information on any re-scheduling or changes in the date sheet, if applicable, through official notifications.

Q:7 How can I subscribe to receive updates and notifications about the 9th class date sheet?
Ans: Stay informed by regularly visiting the official Lahore Board website or subscribing to their official newsletter or notification service.

Q:8 Are there any specific guidelines or instructions for students mentioned in the date sheet?
Ans: Yes, the date sheet usually includes important instructions and guidelines for students appearing in the 9th class exams. Make sure to read and follow them.

Q:9 What should I do if I find discrepancies or errors in the 9th class date sheet?
Ans: Contact the Lahore Board's examination office immediately to report any discrepancies or errors in the date sheet.

Q:10 Is there a helpline or contact number provided by the Lahore Board for date sheet-related queries?
Ans: Yes, the Lahore Board typically provides a helpline or contact number for students to address any queries or concerns related to the date sheet. Check the official website for contact information.