10th Class Date Sheet 2024

Updated March 2024
The Punjab Board has officially announced the datesheet for 10th class examinations. Students can now access the schedule to plan their study routines effectively. It's time to buckle down and prepare diligently for the upcoming exams. Best of luck to all the students!

  • Educational boards in Pakistan follow a set schedule outlined in the Date Sheet of 10 Class 2024 for both written and practical exams.
  • Practical exams are conducted immediately after the written exams by educational boards in Pakistan.
  • The Date Sheet 10th Class 2024 provides information on exam timings, dates, and venues.
  • The results for the 10th class 2024 are typically declared three months after the conclusion of the exams.

10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Punjab Board

Part-ⅠⅠ (10 Class) Morning paper will start at 8:30 AM Evening paper will start at 1:30 PM
Exam Date Day Subjects Subjects
1-03-2024 Friday 1-Civics
2-Business Studies
3-Clothing And Textile
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M )
1-History of Pakistan
(2:30 P.M To 5:00 P.M)
2-Computer Hardware
(2:30 P.M To 4:00 P.M)
3-Food and Nutrition
(2:30 P.M To 4:00 P.M)
4- Poultry And Farming
(2:30 P.M To 4:00 P.M)
2-03-2024 Saturday Punjabi (First Group) 1-Punjabi (Second Group)
2-English (Literature)
3- Urdu (Literature)
4-03-2024 Monday English (Compulsory) First Group English (Compulsary) Second Group
5-03-2024 Tuesday 1-Arabic
2-Geometrical and Technical Drawing
1-Art and Model Drawing
(1:30P.M To 3:00 P.M)
2-Wood Working
(1:30 P.M To 3:00 P.M)
3-History (Islamic & Muslims)
6-03-2024 Wednesday Chemistry (First Group)
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
2-General Science (First Group)
Chemistry (Second Group)
(1:30 P.M To 3:30 PM)
2-General Science (Second Group)
7-03-2024 Thursday 1-Element of Home Economics (First Group)
2-Electrical Wiring
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
1-Elements of Home Economics (Second Group)
2-Environmental Studies
3-Military Science
8-03-2024 Friday Physics (First Group)
(8:30 P.M To 10:30 P.M)
Advance Islamic Studies (Elective) First Group
Al-Fiqa (Dars-e-Nizami)
Physics (Second Group)
(2:30 P.M To 4:30 P.M)
Advance Islamic Studies (Elective) Second Group
(2:30 P.M To 5:00 P.M)
9-03-2024 Saturday Islamiyat (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
Islamiyat (Compulsary) Second Group
(1:30 P.M To 3:00 P.M)
11-03-2024 Monday 1-General Mathematics (Art Group) First Group
2-Mathematics (Science Group) First Group
1-General Mathematics (Art Group) Second Group
2-Mathematics (Science Group) Second Group
12-03-2024 Tuesday Pakistan Studies (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 To 10:00 P.M)
Pakistan Studies (Compulsary) Second Group
(1:30 To 3:00 P.M)
13-03-2024 Wednesday 1-Education (First Group)
2-Al-Quran (Dars-e-Nizami Group)
3- Repair and Maintain of Domestic Ref. and Air Cond. and Deser Cooler
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
1-Education (Second Group)
(1:30 P.M To 3:30 P.M)
14-03-2024 Thursday Biology First Group
(8:30P.M To 10:30 P.M)
Biology Second Group
(1:30 P.M To 3:00 P.M)
15-03-2024 Friday Tarjam-Tul-Quran-ul-Majeed (Compulsary) First Group
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
Tarjam-Tul-Quran-ul-Majeed (Compulsary) Second Group
(2:30 P.M To 4:30 P.M)
16-03-2024 Saturday 1-Economics
2-Physiology & Hygenio
3-Fish Farming
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
4-Dress Making And Fashion Designing
(8:30 P.M To 10:00 P.M)
1-Health And Physical Education
(1:30 P.M To 3:30 P.M)
2-Comercial Geography
18-03-2024 Monday 1-Urdu (Compulsary) First Group
2-Urdu (Compulsary) Dars-e-Nizami Group
Urdu (Compulsary) Second Group
Geography of Pakistan (Compulsary)

The 10th class annual exams are approaching and the candidates will be busy preparing for the entire exams. The 10th class date sheet is announced in January and also available simultaneously on our website. Across Pakistan, BISE boards begin 10 class examinations in March.

Downloadable 10th Class date sheet 2024 of all BISE Boards has been available here on our website.

Date sheet 2024 for 10th class has been also be submitted online on our website. Similar to 10th class date sheet, 10th class date sheet is also announced 15 to 20 days before the annual examinations start. A final round of revision starts after the date sheets are being announced and usually the schools and academies free their students from regular classes for them to do final self-assessment.

As experienced, the date sheets are almost similarly arranged as they were in previous years except for a few changes. The students can take guidance from date sheets of previous years to schedule their revisions. As per the ritual of BISE Boards, in the date sheets more off days are designed before science and elective subjects and fewer off days are designed before compulsory subjects such as English, Urdu, Pak Studies, and Islamiat.

Taking an idea from that, the students must prioritize their preparation schedule starting from the subjects they find most difficult. After the announcement of date sheets, the students must utilize their remaining time before examinations wisely and start doing self-assessments tests based on date sheets. The BISE Boards design the date sheets very responsibly to accommodate students at maximum level. At this point in time where date sheets are announced written practice of past papers can be a source of effective preparations and guarantee success in examinations.

Matric Date Sheet 2024 all boards

A common mistake that is repeated by students of matriculations is ignoring preparations of compulsory subjects. Where in fact, managing time and utilizing the time correctly for preparations of all subjects is the key to gain high marks, the students must learn the art of time management. The students belonging to all BISE Boards of Pakistan will not have to waste their time in searching for their date sheets, all the date sheets are being posted on our website as soon as they are officially announced.
A trait shared by all successful students of matriculation is that they schedule their routines. We suggest our student readers stop procrastinating and start utilizing their time as examinations have drawn very near.

10th Class Date Sheet 2024

The date for 10th class datesheet has been announsed in the Month of Jan. Every Boards announced organize their Exams according to their own schedule. The Ministry of Education is responsible for making rules and regulations for all the Boards. All the Boards Follow the Rules governor By the Ministry of Education. All Boards try to facilitate the students by arranging exams in a simple and smooth way. We will upload the Date Sheet of 10th Class 2024 of any Board how announced the Date Sheet in our respective Board Page. So keep in touch with  datesheet.pk.

In Pakistan, every Province has more than one Board. There are four Province of Punjab and each Province has different Examination Boards. Punjab has Nine Boards, Sindh has Six Boards, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has Eight Boards and Baluchistan has One Board. All the Board take their exams according to their own Schedule. 10th Class 2024 Date Sheet of Punjab Board announced in the month of February every month. Whenever any Board announced the Date Sheet of 10th Class 2024 it will be uploaded on our site datesheet.pk in respective Board page.

All the latest updates regarding Date Sheet and Annual Examination of 10th Class 2024 of any Board will be available on datesheet.pk. So keep visiting this page for latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When the KPK Board released the date sheet of the 10th class?
Ans: The KPK Board will release the date sheet of the 10th class in April 2024.

Q: What kinds of details are included in the date sheet?
Ans: The date sheet contains information on the paper schedule and timings.

Q: When the annual exams of the 10th class are going to begin for the 2024 session?
Ans: The annual exams of the 10th class are going to begin in March for the 2024 session.

Q: What was the exam date of the 10th class in Punjab Board?
Ans: The exam date of the 10th class in Punjab Boards was in March 2024. The exam session in Punjab will be closed for matric part 2.

Q: From where I can download my 10th class date sheet?
Ans: To download the 10th class date sheet of your specific Board, visit the respective pages of the date sheet from datesheet.pk.