11th Date Sheet

BISE Federal Board 11th Class Date Sheet 2024

Updated Jan 2024
The latest update, the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has not released the date sheet for the upcoming 11th class examinations. Students are eagerly awaiting the announcement, with expectations that the date sheet will likely be unveiled in May 2024. Historically, May is the month when examination boards reveal schedules for upcoming assessments, providing students with ample time for preparation. The 11th class date sheet is crucial for students to plan their study routines effectively. As the anticipated release date approaches, students are advised to stay vigilant and regularly check the official website of the Federal Board and other reliable sources for timely updates on the examination schedule.

BISE Federal Board 2024

In Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education was formed in 1975, and since then, the board has been conducting the annual matric and intermediate exams. The districts under the administration of BISE Federal are Islamabad, Cantonments and Garrisons across Pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, and Pakistan International Schools outside Pakistan. Each year the board conducts the annual exams at the SSC and HSSC levels according to the announced date sheet. This year for the academic session 2024, the BISE Federal has not yet to announce the 11th class date sheet. As soon as the date sheet will announced, the candidates will soon check it easily and learn about the examination schedule

  • The Federal Board 11th class date sheet will announce in April.
  • Two to three weeks after the announcement of the date sheet, the board conducts the annual exams.
  • The board initially held the first annual and supply exams as per the announced date sheet.
  • The students must check the date sheet before the annual exam.

The candidates can easily check and download the date sheet online through this platform. The BISE Federal inter part I date sheet will be announced soon so the candidates can appear in the annual exam accordingly. So the candidates must review the date sheet at least once and then take the exam.

BISE Federal Board 11th Class Date Sheet 2024

Announced on: May 2024

Exam Starts From: june 2024

BISE Federal Board 11th Class Date Sheet 2024

While we have a discussion in relation to the Federal commission of conducting exams, actually this is one of the mainly distinguished in addition to up till now one of the accepted name in learning world of Pakistan.  BISE Federal board was came into continuation in previous the minority time back, after seeing the success and identification of board this gives the impression of droop. At this time date sheet of federal board exams 2024 made known to students before one month of final exams so they can prepare for final term exams clearly.

Students prepare themselves whole year in receipt of good grades, but at the last days when they receives the date sheet they do their best to move up in the race of students. As date sheet 2024 11th class BISE Federal board announced students become exceptionally planned, date sheet makes students punctual with studies and this punctuality became the reason of accomplishment. 11th class students are always hard working but most of them become unaware with the entrance in college life. But with the passage of time at the end of year, at the same time as date sheet announced them tries to do very excellent preparation for final term examinations.


Q:1 When will the Federal Board release the 11th class date sheet?

A: The Federal Board typically releases the date sheet for the 11th class exams in 2024.

Q:2 How can I access the Federal Board's official website to check the date sheet?

A: You can visit the official Federal Board website and navigate to the "Examinations" or "Downloads" section for the latest date sheet.

Q:3 Are there any changes in the exam schedule for the 11th class this year?

A: Any updates or changes to the exam schedule will be communicated through official channels, so regularly check the board's website and official announcements.

Q:4 What subjects are included in the 11th class date sheet for Federal Board?

A: The date sheet will specify the schedule for all subjects included in the 11th class curriculum, covering both compulsory and elective subjects.

Q:5 Can I download a printable version of the 11th class date sheet from the Federal Board's website?

A: Yes, the Federal Board usually provides a downloadable and printable version of the date sheet on its official website.

Q:6 Is there any provision for re-scheduling of exams mentioned in the date sheet?

A: The Federal Board will provide information on any re-scheduling or changes in the date sheet, if applicable, through official notifications.

Q:7 How can I subscribe to receive updates and notifications about the 11th class date sheet?

A: Stay informed by regularly visiting the official Federal Board website or subscribing to their official newsletter or notification service.

Q:8 Are there any specific guidelines or instructions for students mentioned in the date sheet?

A: Yes, the date sheet usually includes important instructions and guidelines for students appearing in the 11th class exams. Make sure to read and follow them.

Q:9 What should I do if I find discrepancies or errors in the 11th class date sheet?

A: Contact the Federal Board's examination office immediately to report any discrepancies or errors in the date sheet.

Q:10 Is there a helpline or contact number provided by the Federal Board for date sheet-related queries?

A: Yes, the Federal Board typically provides a helpline or contact number for students to address any queries or concerns related to the date sheet. Check the official website for contact information.