‘’The more I know, the more I know, how much more there is to know’’ Charlie brown.

Books are priceless they give us knowledge and unveil new faces of the world with one cup of tea on a rainy night. Reading enhances vocabulary, it is the best way to reduces stress, make fluent in language and exercise the brain cells as sometimes we predict the conclusion before reading the conclusion.

In the dawn of 2022, most of us promised to read at least 10 books in a whole year but time has proved it’s not enough. Suddenly time has changed and people started missing skills to overcome the needs of unexpected time. For example, an aged professor who has a strong grip on books and paper had lost his job due to a lack of knowledge about gadgets. Organizations believe to pay a handsome amount to one skillful and talented person who has a strong grip on multiple fields instead of four-person expertise in one. Cultivation of the mind is essential for personal growth and motivation.

There has been a dramatic shift in the lifestyle and ways of business in the past two decades. Businesses are more technologically advanced and keep updating to give the best and to get the best. They need the most polished employees who thrive in a change of time. The companies seek new ideas of how to keep updated in the rapidly changing environment. According to research, the employees who lack the right skills can become a major threat to business growth and development.

There are many ways of learning choose which type is most suitable.

1. Visual learning. Most people love learning by watching, According to research people's memories rapidly through looking at something. The types of visual stimulation are graphs, charts, maps, and diagrams.

2. Auditory learning. Auditory learners absorb more through a sense of hearing or through verbal communication. They are good at remembering the information after hearing and learn fast through out-loud reading. They prefer to hear lectures over reading a book. Tone, pitch, and loudness all auditory components are all important for auditory learners.

3. Tactile learning. Students have belonged to this type, which learns by physical activities. According to Dunn and Dunn ‘’to process new and difficult information kinesthetic learners (tactile learners), as students who require whole-body movement’’. On the job training, work experience, and internship also falls on this type.

Entrepreneur  &  business leaders are willing to upscale employees to fill the current skill gap. The constant expansion of skill and skillsets belongs to continuous learning. Upgrade yourself personally and professionally to combat the challenges of time.  The types of learning to grow in the industry are:

1. Agile learning.

The world is growing at breakneck speed, hot news of today may be normal for tomorrow. Agility is the need of this decade, it’s the ability to adapt to new advancements in surroundings. Agile learning makes the employees fast enough to catch up, it is the follow up of agile methodologies like work sprints and daily scrums. It gives fruits of customer focus by learning through failures as well as successes.

2. Microlearning. Provision of the right amount of information in the minimum time. People love this due to lack of time and acceleration of competition.

3. Social learning.  Engagement and productivity both link to each other. Make a circle of people who boost you up and keep motivated. The company of groomed and able person is the key to motivation. Social media is a game-changer to catch new advancements.

People leave the job due to the absence of carrier growth, shine like a diamond by polishing your skills so don’t you have to beg in front of someone to keep u in.

Learn to be valuable: ensure to keep up to date by following the new trends and updating the new skills to be more valuable in the relevant industry.

BREAK THE COMFORT ZONE: continuous reading helps to step out of the comfort zone. For example, job needs experience and experience needs job so develop the new command to fight with unexpected time.

BOOST THE CAREER: Learning new technologies will strengthen the portfolio and resume.

SPARKS NEW IDEAS: The bond of knowledge and experience is unbreakable. Less input and more output is always a dream of boss so keep shine by sparkling ideas.

PAY IT FORWARD: The study revealed 35% of employees in America unlikely to share the information so put brick by teaching others and create a positive thinking environment. IT’S THE KEY OF PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Continuous learning is vital to connect with the world, read a book to improve communication and knowledge, learn a new skill to boost your personality, and connect to the world with perfection.